18 Most-Effective Conditioning and Weight-Loss Tactics

November 29, 2021 by Lazer Brody

Happy Chanukah! Here’s an antidote to all the unhealthy donut and fried-dough eating on Chanukah. Yes, it’s a mitzva to eat food with olive oil on Chanukah, in remembrance of the miracle. But, you you do that by eating a salad garnished with okive oil.

So this Chanukah, let’s lose weight instead of gaining it!

“Chai” – the 18 Tactics

Try these 18 tactics – all or a segment of them – to put yourself into top shape, lose weight, feel your best and look great.

  1. Eat veggies and protein for breakfast – to build muscle, you need adequate protein. Try an omelette, a chunk of baked salmon or sardines with a green salad that includes leafy veggies and celery. Whereas the cornflakes breakfast leaves you starving by 10 AM, the veggie and protein breakfast will have you satiated well past noon. What’s more, good morning fuel boosts metabolism.
  2. Brush your teeth after every meal – it’s great for your dental health and curbs appetite.
  3. Cut out both sugary drinks and fruit juices – they add loads of carbs and calories that are the #1 enemy to weight loss.
  4. In continuation of #3 (above), drink plenty of water; cold water especially causes your body to burn calories in order to maintain your 98.6F body temperature, so don’t spare the ice.
  5. Lift heavy weights – incorporate resistance training into your workout routine; this can also be such bodyweight exercises as pushups, pullups and squats. The more you build muscle mass, the more you increase your metabolism.
  6. Move more – walk (30 min./day at least, 5 days a week) as much as you can; climb stairs rather than using the elevator (super cardio!), and carry packages home from the store. Be imaginative!
  7. Cut out all white sugar and use only natural sweeteners such as dates and unprocessed honey, sparingly as well.
  8. Substitute all white flour for whole grain flour and whole grain foods – spelt (the king!), whole wheat, oat, rye and barley.
  9. Don’t purchase manufactured foods – they’re full of substances that the body doesn’t know how to process and digest; as a result, the inhibit weight loss.
  10. Cook and eat at home rather than eating at restaurants – you’ll be improving your health and saving tons of money.
  11. Maker realistic goals that you can reach, then set the bar higher.
  12. Give yourself incentives – as you reach your interim goals, buy yourself new workout shoes, a new clothing article or a new piece of workout equipment
  13. Track your activity – keep an exercise and weight log, and monitor your progress, particularly weight and percentage of body-fat.
  14. Have a weekly cheat day – on Shabbat, eat what you like and enjoy, then go right back on regiment the next morning. But, don’t go crazy and keep white sugar off the cheat list.
  15. Improve posture – by sitting up straight, walking and standing taller, you engage your core and burn more calories, so be conscious of your posture and don’t slouch.
  16. Vary your workouts – do different types of exercise on different days, and keep yourself motivated and interested.
  17. Do not look at or compete with anyone else – just as your fingerprints are unique so is your body, and even more so, your soul. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else, and certainly don’t be jealous of anyone else’s do-or-can’t-do capabilities.
  18. Get a coach – someone professional and reliable whom you trust is vital in helping you reach your highest potential.

That’s my “Chai” (18) for good health. Give it a go and let us know your progress. Feel free to send us your success stories. My blessings for your great health and warmest regards, LB

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