4 Emuna Beams Books in Amazon’s Top 12

January 3, 2023 by Lazer Brody

Psychotherapist Daniel Levi from Arizona wrote on his review of our book, Bitachon: “If everyone would read this book I believe our world would be a much calmer, content, spiritually aware, peaceful place. Rabbi Lazer Brody so eloquently brings down deep teachings into simple easy to internalize words. It’s like green juice for the mind and soul. I love this book!”

The Emuna Books that the Almighty has given us the privilege to write have two simple objectives: first, to make you feel better about yourself. And second, they aim to help you build your own personal relationship with the Creator. These books are not at all about religion. They are about living a fulfilling and meaningful life to the best of your potential.

We thank Hashem and thank our readers for making our books 4 out of Amazon’s top 12 Orthodox Jewish best-sellers today. They are listed in the “Orthodox-Jewish” category but they are for all of humanity. Try them and see for yourself:

From Amazon’s Orthodox-Jewish Top 12 Bestsellers, Tuesday, January 3, 2023:

#3: 13 Principles of Emuna

#6: Bitachon

#9: Divine Direction

#11: The Serene Soul 

Although not in the Top 12, 2 other Lazer Brody Emuna Books appear in Amazon’s Top 100 today. They are:

#18: Language of Emuna

#80: 3 Words of Emuna

Grab yourself an Emuna Beams book right now. To paraphraze an old Marvin Gaye song, “Try it, you’ll like it.”

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