60 Seconds to Success

November 1, 2021 by Lazer Brody

Here is an amazingly simple spiritual ploy to help you succeed in whatever you do.

Humility vs. Arrogance

No matter what we do in life, our ultimate goal is to refine our character. The epitome of good character is humility. On the other hand, the barometer of bad character is arrogance.

Closeness to the Creator

The humble person benefits a special proximity to the Creator. The closer one is to the Creator, the more that person enjoys an abundance of Divine blessings.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true also. An arrogant person distances himself from the Creator and forfeits Divine blessings. Maybe you think that you know many so-called “successful” people who exhibit terrible character traits and are arrogant. King Solomon talks about people like this when he says in Proverbs 27:24 that a person is not immune forever. What he means is that he might be eating in a fancy restaurant now, but in the end, the bill comes. He’ll have to pay the price for his arrogance.

A Principle to Remember

So here are two important spiritual principle that I want you to remember for the rest of your life:

  1. Anything one receives or accomplishes in life as a result of prayers is a blessing.
  2. Anything one receives or accomplishes in life without prayer is a curse.

Here’s why:

The Ultimate Good

A person who acquires something or succeeds without praying for it is prone to become arrogant. They think that their talents and prowess earned their success. In that case, they drift further away from the Creator. Anything that distances us from the Creator is inherently detrimental, because it robs us of Divine abundance.

On the other hand, an acquisition or success that comes to a person as a result of prayer is inherently good, for that person attributes his or success to the Almighty Who answered their prayers. This enhances humility and brings them even closer to the Creator where they get all the more Divine abundance. As such, anything accomplished by way of prayer is a major blessing. That is the ultimate good.

The 60-Second Success Ploy

No matter what you do in life, before you embark on your task, take a mere 60 seconds and ask the Almighty to help you succeed. This could be before a big business deal, before a big final exam, before an important game or even before baking a cake. No task is too big or too small to elicit the Almighty’s help.

Your 60 seconds of that private personal prayer in your own words shows the Almighty that you seek His help. He’s a loving Father in Heaven Who will be more than happy to help. Now, you can merit success because it won’t cause you damage.

This explains why a loving Father in Heaven would deny one of his children success. Like every loving father, the Almighty wants us close to Him. He won’t want to grant a person success if that person drifts further away from him.

The Takeaway

60 seconds is a tiny investment that repays huge dividends. Try it and see how you become more successful in everything you do. And, when we see tangibly that our prayers are answered, we get a major boost of emuna. You too, cherished brothers and sisters, are only 60n seconds away from success, G-d bless!

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