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Go for the Endorphins

Before you reach for pills, liquor, tobacco or any number of other substances as stress relievers, why not try a biochemical that the body produces? It's a feel-good hormone called endorphin and it…

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After the Wipeout

King Solomon reigned in Jerusalem, up in the mountains. But, he knew everything about life and creation. He even understood surfing and bronco busting. He said that people cannot be considered…

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Emuna & Spirit

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The True Friend

True friendship has a price-tag – it's called empathy, the ability to feel the other person, to know when to give a pat on the back or a word of…

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Bread from Heaven

It doesn't matter whether there are pandemics, lockdowns and layoffs. Today's podcast is the key to an easy and adequate income. As such, it's also an…

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