A Message for Noahides

November 17, 2021 by Lazer Brody

Noahides are truth-seeking people who have exchanged former beliefs for the purest form of faith. The Seven Noahide Commandments, the first of which is emuna, are their guiding lights.

Enjoying marvelous spiritual status in this world and the next, Noahides sometimes feel alone. Some seek to convert to Judaism. Others think they must have a house of worship to attend. They need neither. I do encourage them, though, to network and to develop support groups.

As we learn in this brief and encouraging message, the goal and beauty of a Noahide is the cultivation of his or her own intimate personal relationship with the Almighty. Nothing is more gratifying.

3 comments on “A Message for Noahides”

  • Veronica Port says:

    Is there a transcript of what Rabbi Brody is saying in the video? There’s quite a bit of background noise and I’m having a hard time understanding the message. Thank you and B”H for what you all do.

  • I am a US-American living in Germany. I am looking for a Network or Group of people as support in my spiritual development and a Mentor and aTeacher for clarety and wisdom. Thank you so much for you work and efforts. Please stay healthy and safe. Best Regards Erik Theodore Valine

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