Believe in Yourself

October 17, 2021 by Lazer Brody

This is the first of our new “Lunchbreak Series”, thirty minutes of self-empowerment. Today we learn how to believe in ourselves. The principles we learn in this lesson are the difference between success and failure, happiness and depression. Enjoy this, and go forward with a smile on your face.


For your convenience, here’s a summary of the 7 key points to believing in yourself:

Seven Reasons to Believe in Yourself

1. I am unique.

The Creator created me, as He did every other creature, with a unique trait of my own that no one else has, just as my fingerprints are unique; there is no exception to this rule.

2. I have a special job to do.

The Creator gave me particular attributes, skills and talents that enable me to accomplish my own very special mission on earth. If I’m not aware of my own special attributes, skills and talents, then I must find and identify them, for they certainly exist.

3. I can accomplish my mission on earth.

The Creator gives each creation whatever it needs to perform its task. If a beaver can build a dam and a clam can produce a pearl, then I too can accomplish my mission on earth.

4. The Creator loves me.

He is my Father in Heaven, and despite the fact that He has many children, He has no other child like me, for He created me unique in His own image. Since He is a loving Father in Heaven, He will always do what’s best for me. This gives me confidence and all the more reason to believe in myself.

5. I am a person of worth.

My soul is a priceless tiny spark of Divine light. The more I enhance my soul, the more my worth is apparent.

6. I have the power to improve myself.

Character strengthening and refinement are significant portions of every person’s mission on earth. If the Creator gives us a job to do, He also gives us the power to succeed.

7. I can be happy.

My happiness is not contingent on reaching the peak. I can be happy right now. Indeed, the happier I am, the greater my chances are of reaching the peak.

Repeat the above 7 reasons over and over, daily, until you internalize them. Once you believe in yourself, wait and see how your life soars higher. G-d bless for your success!

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