Bibi’s Crucial Option: Biden or Bitachon?

October 23, 2023 by Lazer Brody

This Emuna News update finds Israel at a critical crossroads. There is no longer room for a wrong decision, for at this moment, everything is at stake.

3 comments on “Bibi’s Crucial Option: Biden or Bitachon?”

  • Kenneth Schustereit says:

    My beloved Y’srael, do not trust the demon possessed Biden. The antisemitic democrats hate you and Jewish democrats are nearly worthless. God bless and protect you.

  • Zugwa Tuyou says:

    We don’t need to worry about the Babylon great army because the pack with Egyptian army! They will come and join us and fight the Babylonian forces! So here are we are again depending on the wrong powers in the world and forgetting about who the real power is! Greed and fear seem to rule our leadership. Faith and trust is required during this testing!
    FEAR is truly False Evidence Appearing Real!

  • Yehudit Kunkel says:

    Harav Brody – Excellent broadcast!

    Continuing with your emuna thinking from the last podcast – perhaps the Blinken-Biden handcuffs on the IDF is really a blessing for Am Yisrael.

    These past 3 weeks have seen unparalleled unity, tefillot, mitzvot, chessed, and teshuva. Every day of delay gives us more merits, which is precisely what we need to be victorious over such a demonic enemy. Perhaps Hashem has not let us enter Gaza because we don’t have enough merits to do so safely and successfully.

    My dream is that the teshuva movement will continue to go full-steam and we will merit the complete redemption with mercy. May Hashem Himself deal with Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran with no further loss of Jewish life.

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