Brodie Meets Brody: Insights to Healthy Eating

March 4, 2022 by Lazer Brody

Today, “Brodie Meets Brody” provides amazing insights to healthy eating. Just as there’s a Master Creator who created our bodies, He also created the foods that are best-suited to our health needs. Basing our diet on those foods is vital. Why? Proper eating is in fact 80% of conditioning, while the remaining 20% depends on exercise. What’s more, fad diets, extremes and stringencies have nothing to do with healthy eating. By rethinking your eating, you’ll be rebooting your health.

Menachem Brodie (NSCA-CSCS, USAC-PBT) is a world-renown exercise physiologist, triathlon and cycling coach.
Rabbi Lazer Brody (CHC, CPT, CHN) is a certified expert-level senior fitness trainer, health coach and holistic nutritionist.

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