Calming Waters

January 14, 2022 by Lazer Brody

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a professional musician. For relaxation, I play flutes made out of natural materials that grow in the Land of Israel, such as bamboo, almond and olive wood.

The Land of Israel is holy. Divine melodies permeate everywhere you go.

Once, I was under enormous stress. I needed first aid, so I took a flute and walked to a secluded beach near Ashdod’s ancient citadel. I put the flute to my mouth and this is what came out. Seven minutes later, I forgot all about the stress. This melody will calm you to – guaranteed. I use it to sing Psalm 23. That’s where the name “Calming Waters” come from. Enjoy it and feel free to download it here at no charge, courtesy of “Lazer Beams” and our wonderful donors.

5 comments on “Calming Waters”

  • Justin C Beck says:

    Beautiful! Thank you…

  • Leah Amdur says:


  • Francine Root-Adler says:

    So beautiful! I have this CD. I wish I had the fingering chart for this.i have an Israeli shepherds flute and would love to play this. It’s such a relaxing tune!Of course if there is a charge for the charts(as it’s your intellectual property) it would be my honor to pay for it! Very warmly
    Francine Root-Adler

  • Dennis says:

    Loved it thank you it is calming.

  • Carin Roth says:

    You should be a professional musician. Your music is delightful.
    I hope you expand your repertoire of divine melodies into an entire CD. Although we are far from the land of Israel your music brings us closer.
    Thanks so much.

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