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4 Emuna Beams Books in Amazon’s Top 12

January 3, 2023 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

The Emuna Books that the Almighty has given us the privilege to write have two simple objectives: first, to make you feel better about yourself. And second, they aim to help you build your own personal relationship with the Creator. These books are not at all about religion. They are about living a… [Read more...]

Rebbe Oshiya Ish Tiria

January 2, 2023 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

I made a promise that if my prayers are answered, I will tell the whole world about Rebbe Oshiya Ish Tiria. Many see big miracles after coming to his holy gravesite. Rebbe Oshiya kept his part of the deal, and I am now happy to keep my part. I received the big salvation I asked… [Read more...]

The Serene Soul

December 30, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

Although the world is rife with suffering and tribulations, few are the fortunate individuals who know how to cope with indignity. King David was one of them. We all now have the opportunity to learn his secret of "The Serene… [Read more...]

“So Now”: Parshas Vayigash

December 28, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

In one dramatic moment, Joseph suddenly sees the events that brought him to Egypt in a new light. He realizes that his agony of slavery and incarceration was an amazing "act one" of the same drama that catapulted him to the pinnacle of power in Egypt. He sees the Divine Hand that wrote the… [Read more...]

The War of Emuna

December 15, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

Since Abraham, the first monotheist, the war against emuna has been never-ending. There are times in history when the vast majority of Jews succumbed to political correctness and assimilation. One such time was nearly 2300 years ago, when the Greek King Antiochus IV tried to Hellenize all of Judea.… [Read more...]

Silence the Violence: Parshas Vayeshev

December 13, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

Sometimes killing is justified, as in self-defense. But, when a person becomes accustomed to killing, he or she is likely to kill when it's not at all justified. Our forefather Jacob didn't want anything to do with anger and violence. His two sons Simon and Levi think… [Read more...]

Parshas Vayishlach: Who Are Those Women?

December 6, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

Esau and Jacob meet after years of estrangement. In this dramatic confrontation, the first thing Esau does is to stare at Jacob's wives. We learn here the huge difference between Esau's and Jacob's attitude toward women. The same difference continues today in the opposing attitudes of modern… [Read more...]

Beyond the Stars: A Near-Death Experience

December 4, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

Brandon (Boruch) Rumann from Houston, Texas is a brilliant aerospace engineer. He works for NASA and is involved in a number of projects including a mission to the moon and a space-hotel prototype. More amazing than his work is his journey beyond the stars, during an NDE (near death experience)… [Read more...]

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