One Precious Moment

February 9, 2023 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

A moment is an irreplaceable commodity. What's the value of a moment in life, or a life itself? Too many people take their own lives for granted and squander their most precious resource. All it takes is a moment to save a life, which could be your… [Read more...]

Midnight Breeze

January 29, 2023 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev lauds the virtue of personal prayer, especially at night and away from the beaten path. He says that when a person speaks to the Creator in his or her own words, all of creation joins in. I took my flute at midnight to a hill in Judea and here's what came… [Read more...]

Song of the Eagle

January 23, 2023 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

Music for me is a form of prayer. Where the words end, a melody from deep down begins. This is the song of the soul. Sometimes, souls are tongue-tied, like one day when I was really down on myself. Escaping to the desert, I grabbed a backpack with nothing more than a bottle of water and a flute.… [Read more...]

Rebbe Oshiya Ish Tiria

January 2, 2023 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

I made a promise that if my prayers are answered, I will tell the whole world about Rebbe Oshiya Ish Tiria. Many see big miracles after coming to his holy gravesite. Rebbe Oshiya kept his part of the deal, and I am now happy to keep my part. I received the big salvation I asked… [Read more...]

Friends and Enemies

July 14, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

Every word of sincere personal prayer is far more valuable than the Hope Diamond, which weighs 45 carats and is worth some $250-300 million. There will be many robbers and hijackers lying in the lurk to prevent those words of prayer from reaching the Heavenly… [Read more...]

Private Speaking 101

July 7, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

The more we maintain an even emotional keel, the more we become immune to stress and anxiety. The more we live a stress-and-anxiety free life, the more mental and physical energy we have. That leaves us more resources to devote to productive endeavors. In that respect, there's no stress-buster like… [Read more...]

Outstretched Arms

June 23, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

Can emuna penetrate to every organ and limb of the body? Today's lesson shows how it can. A body full of emuna is a master key to emotional, spiritual and even physical health. You can easily test it on yourself as well. We also learn the unfathomable power of the Nishmas prayer in today's… [Read more...]

Why Prayer?

June 16, 2022 by Lazer Brody - Leave a Comment

A person might ask that if the Creator alone did, does and will do everything, then why pray? What do we need prayer for? Isn't everything predetermined? So what difference do my prayers make? These are the questions that today's Emuna Hour… [Read more...]

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