The 1st Noahide Law: The Prohibition of Idolatry

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Since emuna and idolatry are mutually exclusive, the first Noahide Law that prohibits idolatry is actually a law that obligates emuna. Without emuna, a person is vulnerable to all types of idolatry, some in very subtle forms. In spirituality, there is no vacuum; where there's no emuna, idolatry… [Read more...]

About Us

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Rabbi “Lazer” Raphael Brody developed “Lazer Beams” – a unique, universal and highly effective holistic approach to human health – a person’s overall wellness from all aspects including body, mind and soul. His life mission is to help people of all… [Read more...]


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Before I explain who we are, I want to tell you a story about my allegorical spiritual guide Old Isaac, who really is a composite image of all my spiritual guides from King David, to Maimonides, to the Baal Shem Tov and all the way to my esteemed contemporary mentors. We are conditioned to fear… [Read more...]


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July 8, 2021 There is something to be said about the usefulness to oneself by having a lit candle in the dark. The light from the candle will illuminate your close proximity allowing you to see and move about your space unhindered by the darkness. However, from your vantage point close to the… [Read more...]


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Grand Rabbi Naftali A.Y. Moscowitz of Melitz, aka “Melizer Rebbe” shlit”a Rehov HaTzivoni 7/14, Ashdod, Israel בס”ד 21 Adar Aleph, 5779 (26 Feb., 2019) To Whom it May Concern, I hereby attest to the integrity of our esteemed friend Rabbi Eliezer Raphael (Lazer) Brody, may… [Read more...]

Mission Statement

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This website is open to all mankind - we welcome everyone. What's more, all the resources here are free. We believe that healthy, happy bodies and souls make this world a better… [Read more...]

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