Before I explain who we are, I want to tell you a story about my allegorical spiritual guide Old Isaac, who really is a composite image of all my spiritual guides from King David, to Maimonides, to the Baal Shem Tov and all the way to my esteemed contemporary mentors.

We are conditioned to fear mountain lions and cougars. Up in the Rocky Mountains, they are reputed to have attacked bikers and knocked climbers off ledges. Old Isaac was once up in the mountains near his inn when he heard a mountain lion growling horribly. Anybody else would have been terrified, but Old Isaac understood that the critter was in severe pain. The mountain lion approached Old Isaac in a menacing manner as if it was about to rip the old man into pieces. But then Isaac noticed something odd. The mountain lion’s gait was out of balance – the animal lacked the customary finesse of a mountain lion and was even limping slightly. What’s more, running down the lion’s fierce-looking face was a large tear. Isaac sensed that the lion was suffering terribly and soon noticed why: a nasty large thorn was deeply embedded in the lion’s paw causing it excruciating pain. The growls and snarls were merely expressions of pain and frustration, when the animal didn’t understand what was torturing him or how to articulate his anguish. Old Isaac didn’t think of the danger he might be in but only of how he could help one of G-d’s creations. He carefully approached the lion, taking a prodigious risk. He gently stroked the back of its neck and slowly bent down to remove the thorn from its paw. The lion instantly became gentle, licked Old Isaac’s hand and became his life-long friend.

There’s a moral to this story. The snarling and growling mountain lion is that part of all of us when we are in pain without knowing why; in other words, when we lack spiritual awareness. If we don’t connect to the Almighty, we can’t understand what is the matter with us or why we are suffering. That way, we cannot communicate our distress to ourselves, much less to others. As such, we all need a spiritual guide like Old Isaac who sees everything through eyes of emuna without letting his own self-interest get in the way. We need others to interpret us charitably, to hold on to the idea that we are not intrinsically flawed or evil, Heaven forbid, but that something must be ailing us severely – whether body, soul or both – to account for our difficultly in life and sometimes unacceptable behavior. Those others are a community of people who grow together in emuna, learning that they themselves as well as the rest of the Creator’s children are intrinsically good. The members of the community help each other in removing that individual sharp thorn.

Anyone, regardless of sex, race, color or nationality is cordially welcome to the Lazer Beams Community. Our goal is to improve spiritual and physical health and wellness by nurturing our individual relationship with the Creator, since both body and soul are gifts from Him. We strive to love every human being. We adhere to the Ten Commandments and to the time-tested wisdom of the Torah. There is no fad spirituality here. Our methods are trench-tested. Our community doesn’t tolerate hate and dissension. We are neither right or left, Democrats or Republicans, Labor or Conservative. We don’t proselytize and we certainly don’t push any religious or political agenda. Here, it’s all about emuna and loving yourself, your fellow human and God. We believe a personal connection to the Creator as well as health and wellbeing are the birthright of all of humanity and not just the privileged few. Even more so, we strive to help people who think they’re poor orphans and show them that they have a very rich and loving Father in Heaven.

In our community, a Pilates instructor from Singapore and a journalist from Hong Kong mingle with a fireplace builder from Wales, an optometrist from London and a cab driver from Brooklyn. If you join us on our weekly Zoom lecture live get-together called “Emuna Hour”, you’ll meet a group of people including Ugandans, Swedes, Alaskans networking to find true fulfillment and meaning in life. Everyone is a cherished individual, whether it’s a mother with ten children in Los Angeles or animal lover with ten pet racoons in the Canadian outback. We learn from one another and we help each other. What glues us together? It’s the Divine light of emuna, which is the Divine birthright of all of humanity.

As a member of our community, you enjoy all the resources of this website for free. Not only that, but you receive weekly access to Rabbi Lazer through our live Zoom classes. All you have to do is to sign up for our newsletter, here. You’ll get weekly personal invitation links to our classes and important updates for health and wellness of body and spirit. We are honored to welcome you and we’re more than delighted to see you. Blessings for everything good, LB

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