Diamonds and Distress

January 20, 2022 by Lazer Brody

Who of us doesn’t have difficulties or major troubles in life, especially in the age of COVID? We all do – that’s part of the turf in this world. But in today’s Emuna Hour lesson, we look at our difficulties from a different angle. When we do, we’ll see something precious that we never saw before.

A Quick Prayer to Mitigate Suffering

“Master of the World, I believe with complete faith that my tribulations and challenges come from You alone. I know that the difficulty I now face is no exception. It is the result of Your precision Divine Direction that never makes mistakes, for You are perfection. Although I might not know why I am suffering this difficulty, I believe with complete faith that You love me. You are giving me this challenge for my very best. Please, Father in Heaven, as I willfully accept this tribulation, please willfully accept my prayer. Help me and ___________________ (plug in the blank with whatever you want to ask for).”

Now believe that Hashem feels your pain and is right there with you sharing your pain. Recite Psalm 91 and G-d willing, you’ll soon see your distress turn into a diamond.

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