Eyes That See

December 23, 2021 by Lazer Brody

Sometimes, two people see an identical situation. One sees good and the other sees tragedy. There is no change in reality. Yet one person is happy and the other person is miserable. That’s the difference between looking at Hashem and looking at causes. “Causes” are the seemingly natural catalysts that trigger events.

“Looking at Hashem” means viewing life’s occurrences within the framework of Divine Providence.

Contrastingly, one who attributes success or failure to catalysts – human or otherwise – can’t be happy. He or she never finds inner peace. Why? They forfeit the wonderful feeling of a loving Father in Heaven fuuly involved in their lives.

By ignoring Hashem and attributing one’s fate to catalysts, events seem random, senseless and frequently cruel. That not the hand of Hashem, as we see in today’s Emuna Hour lesson.

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