Finding Your Soulmate

December 1, 2022 by Lazer Brody

A lasting marital relationship, what we call a “bond of emuna”, depends on the merger of two souls. A true partner in life is therefore one’s soulmate, that special person who will share a lifelong mutual commitment. One cannot find a soulmate if he or she is interested solely in a “bodymate”. Physical attributes are short-lived…

One comment on “Finding Your Soulmate”

  • Martin haber says:

    When you have been with a woman that you believe is your soulmate from the time you were a teenager until midlife and then you divorce after so many years how do you regain that woman to be your soulmate if she really is the soulmate. If not blue he Cham provide another woman to be my soulmate even at my later stage in life

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