From Carolina to Kedusha

March 15, 2022 by Lazer Brody

Avraham Bell didn’t let his second-class status as a black boy in the segregated U.S. South of the sixties to extinguish his dreams. He grew up with a spiritual hunger. He excelled as an athlete and as a musician. He was an honor student in microbiology at Ohio State and went on to do an MBA at Arizona. Avraham is also an exquisite artist. He now pours his power and passion into Torah scholarship and Divine service. Having moved to Israel with his remarkable wife Yehudit, he now raises children and grandchildren in the way of emuna. As phenomenal a human being he is, that’s how humble he is. Meet Avraham – you’ll love him as much as we do.

One comment on “From Carolina to Kedusha”

  • Julia says:

    Dear Rav Brody,
    Your stories are so wide and diverse (in every sense of the meaning) fascinating and uplifting. Thank you and HaShem for being the fantastic channel for Emuna. I love my Rabbi!

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