Go for the Endorphins

January 21, 2022 by Lazer Brody

We all know how to function in a favorable environment, when everything is the way we want it to be. Yet, few of us know how to function in a hostile climate, when nothing seems to go right.

Being Our Best

Why do we find ourselves so often in the hostile climate, rather than in the favorable climate?

The Creator wants us to be our best. No one ever made character, physical or spiritual growth and gains by eating chocolate ice-cream. Coping with difficulties make us great. That’s why we must learn how to function when things are not going our way. These are the stress situations in life, and we all have plenty of them. So what do we do?

Many people reach for pills, liquor, tobacco or any number of other substances as stress relievers. Others check out of the painful reality and turn to social media, a movie or a TV show. None of these help us cope.

A Magical Hormone, and Natural Too!

I have a better suggestion: why not try a biochemical that the body produces? It’s a feel-good hormone called endorphin and it won’t cost you a cent. Endorphins have three great affects:

1. They reduce pain;

2. They decrease fatigue;

3. They give you a positive attitude.

Shifting Gears to Positive Mode

The above three benefits enable our brains to function much more efficiently. Once the endorphins start to flow, the stress and anxiety of a few minutes ago no longer look like the end of the world. The brain shifts gears into positive mode.

The double-great news is that you don’t need a prescription for endorphins and they won’t cost you a thing. What could be better? The Creator implanted a built-in pharmacy in our endocrine system. Endorphins are also wonderful in that they don’t cause addiction or dependence.

Grab Some Endorphins

So how do you get a good dose of endorphins? A 30-minute workout will do the trick.

“I don’t have 30 minutes!” you might be saying. OK, I’ll give you a big discount. Try seven minutes.

Do things at your own level. Start with simply high-stepping or jogging in place, stretching and loosening up your body. That’s your warmup – do it for 2 minutes. It’s easy. Then try 5 minutes of pushups, planks and body squats. Finish off with some more jogging in place and stretching. Make sure you’ve had 7 minutes of nonstop activity. This beats a coffee break any day of the week…

This will definitely work for you too – guaranteed. It will make you feel brand new and energized. Get it done, at least once a day. Blessings for your good health, LB

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