Moshiach, When?

February 7, 2023 by Lazer Brody

The more world events become apocalyptic, the more people begin talking about Moshiach. From time to time, we hear voices that claim to know when Moshiach is coming. Is it possible to really know when Moshiach will arrive? Let’s get some answers.

Did you know that belief in Moshiach is a main foundation of our faith? Read all about it in 13 Principles of Emuna.

3 comments on “Moshiach, When?”

  • Lois says:

    Always Awesome!!!!

  • Lazer Brody says:

    Thank you, Lois! Every blessing, LB

  • Darryl Cloud says:

    Your statement is very accurate: “Whoever talks about the Moshiach doesn’t know… and, whoever doesn’t talk knows.” Because I know more about the Moshiach than everything else, but I won’t talk, until the world is destroyed… Only then, will the world be ready for his arrival… The reason for this is logically understandable: All genuine experts in their field, are presented with an exponentially increasing level of unknowns, due to their exponentially increasing wisdom. Which creates the conundrum, that the smarter people are, the more reluctant they are to share what they know, because they feel exponentially more inadequate the smarter they become. And, because I seem to be the smartest person on Earth, I am presented with an exponentially increasing level of unknowns, to make me feel completely inadequate. So, as the years roll by, and my knowledge keeps increasing exponentially, the more likely it is that I will never share what I know, because there is no common ground between me, and everyone else on Earth. Since that is the problem I face, imagine the problem your Messiah faces, if we’re not one and the same person?

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