On the Brink of Civil War

March 27, 2023 by Lazer Brody

Anti-govenment demonstrators in Israel earlier this week, blocking Tel Aviv’s main highway

In his description of the Jews to Achashverosh, Haman called them, “scattered and separated” (Esther 3:8). Haman was no fool. As a great grandson of Amalek, he was cunning, evil and an existential threat. After the destruction of the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem, the Jews went into diaspora and exile. But worse than that, they lacked unity. Their hearts were separate from one another. Haman’s entire strategy was to prevent Jewish unity for he knew that the lack of unity would be their downfall.

Time for Geula

Haman had another good reason for fighting against any unifying forces among the Jewish People. He knew that the decree of their exile was seventy years. Now, with the seventy years terminated, it was time for the Jews to return to Zion and the rebuild of the Second Holy Temple. As the scion of Amalek and arch-enemy of Israel, he had to stop that. He therefore invited the Jews to the Palace Ball was to create strife among them. Haman knew that the faithful Jews would not come but that the assimilationists and politically correct would jump on the opportunity. His sinister plan succeeded. He drove a severe wedge between the rightist and leftist Jews of the time. We were a hair’s breadth from annihilation. The decree had been signed and sealed.

Nothing New Under the Sun

King Solomon, the wisest man who ever walked the face of the earth, said, “There’s nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:11). Purim of 2,383 years ago is right with us today. The infighting that preceded Haman’s decree of annihilation is back again today. Whenever time comes to rebuild the Holy Temple, the forces of evil with Amalek spearheading create strife and infighting. That’s the exact cause of Israel’s teetering on the brink of civil war right now.


On the checklist of the Gemara’s preconditions of Moshiach and Geula, there are no empty boxes. Add the imminent threat of nuclear Iran. Don’t forget the Russian’s seizing of Crimea, a precondition that the Gaon of Vilna cited. So the time has come for our Third and everlasting Holy Temple and the full redemption of our people. Amalek can’t let that happen. An outside enemy cannot destroy a unified Israel. But, a divided Israel is destroying itself, Heaven forbid. Amalek is doing a fantastic job. The Israeli headlines of late have been sweeter that Baklava for Nasralla, Khomeini and Yahya Sinwar. Imagine how they enjoy them with their morning coffee.

A Nation of Fools

Jews consider themselves smart. They’re doctors, lawyers and hi-techies. They’re professors of molecular biology and F16 pilots. Yet, Isaiah the Prophet chastises us in the stiffest way and tells us that we less intelligent than an ox or a donkey (Isaiah 1:3). Why? We don’t open our eyes and when never learn. So what’s Isaiah’s solution? Stop the infighting, fools! In Hashem’s Name, Isaiah says, “Come now and let us reason together” (ibid, 18). It takes wise people to reason with one another. Fools lack reason so they fight. In other words, if you have a PhD, but you fight your brother, sorry professor – you’re a fool.

Understand and Appreciate Your Brother

I winced when a Haredi minister who doesn’t know the difference between an M16 and a broomstick said that serving in the army is easier than learning Torah. He never patrolled a muddy and sleeting Har Dov in early March in the middle of the night on a six-hour shift. He doesn’t know the worry of a soldier’s parent 24/7; will he come home this Shabbat? It would have been better if the honorable minister curbed his tongue.

I winced when a secular party chief called all Haredim freeloaders. Does he know how many Haredim who serve voluntarily in Hatzala and Zaka are running away in the middle of their Shabbat meal to save a brother or sister in distress? Forget about the Haredim that served in the army and fought in wars. Honorable Party Chief, which unit did you serve in? Which wars did you fight? What volunteer organizations have you served in? You too would be wise to speak less.

As an individual who is familiar with both worlds, I assure you that we need both. The true dedicated Torah scholar invokes blessings and abundance for his pragmatic brother. Issachar and Zevulun knew that secret. There were in perfect unity We cannot understand and appreciate one another if we throw rocks and curses. Both sides defy stereotypes.

An Emergency Call

I pray that the temporary curbing of the judicial reform is not a ploy to buy time. Listen to Isaiah – “Come now and let us reason together.” What magnificent words. Both sides must stop the belligerence and sit down at the table until they reach a compromise. Israel needs unity, not a civil war. Let’s not miss the train of Geula. G-d bless for a wonderful Passover.

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