Opening Our Eyes

February 3, 2022 by Lazer Brody

Few people are able to understand what they see. To paraphrase the old saying, they’re in a big area with oak and pine trees all around them but they don’t see that it’s a forest.

Divine Direction is the Creator’s active determination of every detail and occurrence in the world. The more we enhance our emuna in Divine Direction, the more we improve our spiritual eyesight. This lets us see the Creator personally directing our lives. Few things are more rewarding.

There are five main ploys in enhancing our emuna in Divine Direction. These ploys are:

  1. Realizing that We Don’t Run the World – Hashem does
  2. Learning to be Happy with Our Lot in Life
  3. Appreciating Life’s Countless blessings
  4. Remembering the Many Salvations we have seen in our lifetime.
  5. Looking for the Divine wisdom in every creation

Let’s examine them, one by one.

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