Outstretched Arms

June 23, 2022 by Lazer Brody

Can emuna penetrate to every organ and limb of the body? Today’s lesson shows how it can. A body full of emuna is a master key to emotional, spiritual and even physical health. You can easily test it on yourself as well.

We also learn the unfathomable power of the Nishmas prayer in today’s lesson. Our original English translation appears right below the video.

Outstretched Arms from lazerbrody on Vimeo.


“Nishmas Kol Chai” – Every Living Soul

Original translation by Rabbi Lazer Brody

“Every living soul shall bless Your Name, Hashem our God,

“And the spirit of all flesh shall glorify and exalt Your remembrance, our King, always. From this world to the next world, You are God. And aside from You, we have no King Who delivers and saves, redeems and rescues, sustains, answers ands has mercy in every time of trouble and distress. We have no other King but You.

“You are the God of the first and the last, God of all creatures, Master of all generations, Who is extolled with countless praises, Who directs His world with lovingkindness and His creations with compassion. And Hashem neither slumbers or sleeps. He awakens the sleepers and rouses the drowsy, and gives speech to the voiceless and releases the imprisoned, and supports the faltering and straightens the bent.

“To You alone we give thanks.

If our mouths were filled with song like the sea and our tongues were exultation like the multitude of its waves and our lips were praise like the breadth of the horizon, and our eyes shined like the sun and the moon, and our hands were outspread like eagles of the sky and our legs were as swift as deer…

“We still could not sufficiently praise You, Hashem our God and God of our ancestors, and bless Your Name for even one of the thousands and thousands of thousands and billion times of favors, wonders and miracles that You did for us and for our ancestors before us.

“You delivered us from Egypt, Hashem our God…

“…and You redeemed us from the house of bondage. You fed us in famine and provided for us in satiation, and saved us from the sword and spared us from plague, and You guarded us from terrible and lingering illnesses. Until now, Your mercy has come to our aid and Your compassion has not left us. Never abandon us, Hashem our God, ever.

“Therefore, the limbs that You have placed within us and the spirit and soul that You have breathed in our nostrils, and the tongue that You have placed in our mouth – they shall bless, praise, glorify, adore, sanctify and crown Your Name our King.

“For every mouth will thank You and every tongue will avow by You. Every eye will cast its gaze to You and every knee will bend to You. All who stand will bow down to You. Every heart shall revere You and every internal organ and kidneys will sing to Your Name. As it is written, “All my bones will say, ‘Hashem, who is like You? You save the poor from those who are stronger, and the poor and destitute from those who would swindle them.’

“Who resembles You? And who can equal You?

“And who is comparable to You? The great, mighty and awesome God; God on High, Master of Heaven and Earth. We shall praise, extol, glorify and bless Your Holy Name. As David says, “Bless Hashem, My soul, and all my innards His holy Name.”

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