Post-Passover Weight Loss

April 13, 2023 by Lazer Brody

Don’t lose heart because your trousers or skirt are too tight after Passover. There’s no need to persecute yourself because you gained weight. That’s counter-productive and simply ups your stress level. Added stress makes losing weight all the more difficult.

Help is here! Our “8-Step Post-Holiday Plan” is a healthy, highly effective and stress-free way to lose excess pounds. It’s great for after Passover, vacation or after any other period of over-indulging and weight gain.

8-Step Binge Bounce-Back Plan

1.  Drink Plenty of Water

15-20 minutes before a meal, drink 2 glasses of water. This will reduce your hunger. Then, don’t drink water with your meal. This will aid in digestion. Stay hydrated during the day. Drink water before sporadically throughout the day. The color of one’s urine testifies to one’s level of hydration. Clear to lemonade-colored urine means that you’re sufficiently hydrated. Deep yellow to amber-colored urine means that you must reach for the water bottle. Hydration facilitates weight loss in a big way.

2. No White Sugar or White Flour

White sugar and white flour are empty carbs that fuel hunger rather than satiate it. They are prevalent in soft drinks, cakes, candies and especially junk & manufactured foods. Therefore, stick to home-preparation and home-cooking. That way, you know exactly what you’re eating. Don’t let labels fool you. Substances like corn-syrup solids and modified starches are the same empty detrimental carbs as white sugar and flour.

3. Increase Your Fiber/Veggie Intake

Fiber is great. It’s satiating, slows down digestion and causes calorie-burn. It’s healthy too. You’ll find plenty of fiber in veggies. Whole-grains also contain considerable fiber as do dried fruit such as prunes and dates. The good that fiber does for your digestive system will help keep that smile on your face.

4. Increase Protein Intake

A good rule of thumb is to get at least one gram of protein daily for every kilogram of body weight. Athletes and people who do physical labor need 1.5 grams daily per kilogram of body weight. Protein is necessary for building muscle, maintaining muscle mass and burning calories. The body digests proteins much slower than it does carbs. It’s SAD (standard American diet) the way people have empty carbs for breakfast, like cornflakes. For strength and mental alertness, one needs a good zap of protein in the morning. I suggest of breakfast of eggs and fresh veggie salad or chunks of grilled salmon or tuna in a salad. What a difference it will make in your day!

5. Don’t Skip Meals

Don’t confuse skipping meals out of guilt or punishing yourself with planned intermittent fasting. Whereas the latter is fine, the former is terrible. Skipping meals is actually detrimental to weight loss. The body feels deprived and goes into survival mode. Your blood sugar nosedives and you feel sluggish and edgy. Eat at regular times. Put the food you want in your plate and shun the seconds. Remember that the next meal is on the way so there’s no need to stockpile in your stomach now.

6. Eat Naturally, Eat at Home

Once again, stick to natural, unprocessed foods and eat at home. Avoid restaurants, manufactured and junk food. Profit is their goal, not your health. What’s more, only at home do you control what goes into the food you eat. There are no surprises, hidden chemicals or hidden calories when you cook and eat naturally and at home.

7. Eat Slow, Chew Well

Losing weight not only depends on what you eat. The Rambam teaches us that it depends on how you eat also. The brain’s satiation mechanism needs twenty minutes of eating to feel satiated. Those who devour their food consume much more than those who eat slowly. That’s why they’re bloated and suffering from food coma by the time they finish their meal. Also, don’t eat on the run or multitask. Sit at the table and take a nice break from the rat race.

Digestion begins with the salivary juices in the mouth. That’s one of the reasons why insufficient chewing leads to indigestion. Chew each forkful twenty times. You’ll eat less, digest better and feel much more satiated. What’s more, with Hashem’s help, you’ll lose weight fast.

8. Exercise

The best favor you can do for body and soul is exercise. Don’t be zealous because the zealots burn out. Daily walking, Pilates, cycling, hiking and Kosher Yoga are conducive to weight loss, for they all reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Exercise also stimulates endorphins, the feel-good hormones, helps you relax and improves your sleep.


Follow the above steps for a mere eight days and you’ll be back to your pre-holiday weight. Follow it for longer and you’ll lower your body-fat percentage. If you’d like to dance at the weddings of your great grandchildren, follow it for life. Blessings for a healthy summer!

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