Rebbe Oshiya Ish Tiria

July 9, 2021 by Lazer Brody

One of the greatest things a person can do to benefit his/her own body-soul health and well-being is to visit and pray by the holy gravesites of the great tzaddikim, especially here in the Land of Israel. One such tzaddik – not so well-known but where those in-the-know go to pray for astounding salvations – is Rebbe Oshiya Ish Tiria, whose place of eternal rest is in the north of Israel, slightly east of Meron in the Upper Galilee and near the village of Peki’in, overlooking the gorgeous Tiria Valley.

Rebbe Oshiya was an Amora, one of the holy sages of our Gemara, mentioned primarily in the Yerushalmi Talmud and in the Midrash for his extreme righteousness, humility and holiness. The Midrash Raba (Kohelet, ch. 1) tells us that the day Rebbe Abin the great of his generation died, Rebbe Oshiya – the tzaddik of his generation – was born. This puts Rebbe Oshiya in the time frame of the 4th generation of Amoras in the Land of Israel, which places him chronologically in the latter half of the 4th century CE, somewhere between the years 360-400, at the time of Rav Pappa and Rabina in Babylon. The Jews in Israel suffered extremely under Roman occupation. This is the setting for a story that the Yerushalmi Talmud in the beginning of tractate Bava Metzia relates, as follows:

A Torah scholar of impeccable piety and character, Rebbe Oshiya eked out his meager living as a launderer, washing people’s clothes. To remain above suspicion of any wrongdoing, he wore odd and shabby clothes that no one else wore, to avoid any suspicion that he took unauthorized advantage of the clothes his customers entrusted in his care.¬† One day, the Roman queen was walking by the river at a spot where Rebbe Oshiya would wash clothes. She lost a packet of rare jewels. Rebbe Oshiya found this priceless packet and returned it to the queen. She said, “Go ahead and keep them – I have plenty of jewels.”

Rebbe Oshiya responded, “The Almighty and His Torah require me to return a lost article to its rightful owner. These belong to you, Your Majesty.”

The queen, not particularly known for her love of the Jews, to say the least, replied, “Blessed be the G-d of the Jews.” This was a phenomenal sanctification of Hashem’s Name. The Midrash in Vayikra Raba 30:1 therefore tells us that when Rebbe Oshiya died, his death bed floated in the air and a voice from Heaven declared, “No riches in the world can buy the love that Hashem has for Rebbe Oshiya Ish Tiria!”

I recently visited his gravesite and prayed for something I badly needed. I made a promise if my prayers from this holy gravesite intervene in my behalf, I will tell the whole world about Rebbe Oshiya Ish Tiria, a place here known to invoke big miracles after frequenting it. Rebbe Oshiya kept his part of the deal, and I am now happy to keep my part. I received the big salvation I asked for.

For your convenience, below are 2 maps – larger scale and smaller scale – of how to get there. If you need a big salvation, pass the link to this article on to at least five people you know, and G-d willing, you too will see miracles.


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