Seeing the Creator in Everything

August 5, 2021 by Lazer Brody

Look at the above image. What do you see? Much more than meets the eye. Here’s the secret:

I took a macro photo of a peacock feather and superimposed a Kabbalistic diagram from the teachings of the Ariza’l on it. The diagram is a learning aid to the concept of tzimtzum, the process whereby the Creator constricted His infinite and all enveloping Divine light to create the universe and everything within it.

See how strikingly the peacock feather resembles the tzimtzum process. Look closely at both. If I would substitute the peacock feature with the an onion, pear or apple sliced in half, they too would bare an amazing similarity to the diagram. Think of other things: our galaxy, our solar system, a sperm cell, an embryo, an owl’s eye – the more you look, the more you find the Creator’s signature everywhere. That’s the subject of today’s Emuna Hour: enhancing our spiritual awareness to the extent that we see Hashem everywhere, in everything. Enjoy it and feel free to comment.

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