Talking to a Stick: Parshas Va’era

January 18, 2023 by Lazer Brody

Both Moses and the Egyptian sorcerers had sticks that turned into snakes. But, there was a big difference. They threw their sticks on the floor. Moses simply spoke to his stick. What do we learn from this?

One comment on “Talking to a Stick: Parshas Va’era”

  • Katharina commy hepbzubah izobs says:

    Moses as we understood was a prophet of God, he hears directly from our father God, so the difference between him and the Egyptian sorcerer’s was that Moses follows instructions from Hashem, while the sorcerer’s throw’s their stick’s after making enchantments and Incantation’s that’s the difference between them…we learn to obey Gods word’s and instructions words for word’s and discuss with negotiations with him before we go for any confrontations, we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and power’s, ruler’s of Darkness in high palaces , we were promised in Gods words in our Lords prayer’s that our father will deliver us from all evil’s. We obey and follow all God’s words in order to be delivered from all evil.

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