July 9, 2021 by Lazer Brody

July 8, 2021

There is something to be said about the usefulness to oneself by having a lit candle in the dark. The light from the candle will illuminate your close proximity allowing you to see and move about your space unhindered by the darkness. However, from your vantage point close to the candle, it’s apparent effectiveness at eliminating the darkness is limited to a semi close circle. This limited nature is in actuality only a matter of perspective. To someone without a candle, stumbling through the darkness far from your location, the light from your candle can be seen almost 2 miles away! 

Many years ago, I was that person stumbling in the dark. Hashem, in His complete Mercy, had awakened me from my spiritual slumber and built within me a desire to draw close to Him. As I began to take steps to leave my old religious beliefs behind and move toward what He was calling me to I would stumble and fall. The darkness of unknowing, of fear, of loneliness, of uncertainty wrapped around me until I was immobilized – not willing to go back to what I left, yet having no idea how to move forward. 

And then, a glimmer of light across the internet. A candle in the darkness. 

I came to know Rabbi Brody as my spiritual guide and teacher first through watching his shiurim and reading his books and online articles. I soon learned first hand of the Almighty’s great love for all of His creations through Rabbi Brody’s teachings and his dedication to helping people of all backgrounds develop a direct and personal connection to the Creator. 

The openness to which Rabbi Brody receives everyone, Jewish and non-Jewish, who reach out to him is a blessing in itself to witness. I’ve read numerous letters to Rabbi Brody (which the authors gave permission to publicly publish) in which the author is seeking, hoping, praying to find connection and answers to their challenges. To each one, Rabbi Brody responded with such genuine, heartfelt kindness and Torah based truth that I was uplifted and I have no doubt that the authors of the letters felt the same.  

The Creator used Rabbi Brody to ignite my own light. I am honored to recommend Rabbi Brody’s forum “Lazer Beams” as well as his books and online events to all those seeking a personal, direct connection to the Creator. May many countless numbers of lights be lit through Rabbi Brody’s efforts – Illuminating the world with the knowledge and love of Hashem. Amen.

Jenn Woodward, Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA


Houston, Texas – June 29, 2021

To say that Rabbi Brody has been anything less than an immeasurable guide and force in my life – in my health and spiritual journeys – could not be further from the truth. I met Rabbi Brody three weeks shy of the onset of Covid’s global shutdown, a late February day and a weekend forever beautifully etched in my memory. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I would soon come to learn that Hashem had initiated quite the plan of individual Divine Providence for me.

After attending his shiur through the outreach organization TORCH, my local rabbi, Aryeh Wolbe, suggested I speak with Rabbi Brody afterwards to receive a blessing. I never fathomed that my life would change forever that instant. I purchased his books, one being 3 Words of Emuna, and I distinctly remember Rav Brody writing the “3 steps to Hashem”, in the back coverlet, after asking him how to properly pray and get close to Hashem. Being a newbie to Jewish spirituality at the time, personal prayer was something I longed to delve into, not knowing how to even begin. I followed Rabbi Brody’s suggestions to connect with Hashem, thank Hashem for what I’m grateful for, and then ask Him for what my heart desired every day. I did so passionately from then on every single morning and my connection to Hashem grew leaps and bounds just as he said. My morning personal prayers set the tone for my day and opened up my world to His. Thus began my spiritual ascent and drove my desire to connect to Hashem even further than I ever imagined possible. 

Two days later came Saturday night. As I did regularly, I went to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Wolbe’s warm, welcoming home of lovingkindness, still filled with Sabbath in the air and the scent of the burning flames from the havdalah candlewicks. As they often did, the Wolbes graciously hosted Rabbi Brody during his Houston stay. Little did I know, Hashem was yet again to change my life’s path, this time in the direction of a battle in which I was mostly deeply and intimately entangled in for 20 years – my health. 

I struggled tremendously with almost every aspect of my physical health. Over the years, I was diagnosed with too many “rare” and unknown autoimmune diseases and environmental illnesses that my Western medical doctors literally gave up hope and told me to go elsewhere. But at the time, “elsewhere” was nowhere to be found. I was truly, in every sense of the word, fighting for my life that Saturday night. Rabbi Brody took me aside to bless me and ultimately to set me on what would become my healing journey, all with Hashem’s guiding hand. I was innocent and unsure, but when Rabbi Brody spoke so incredibly candidly and genuinely with me about how he could help me, I knew I would heal for the first time in my life. I can still remember the palpable feeling of strength and encouragement he instilled within me, guiding me as I would power my way through my journey.

Weighing less than 90 pounds, unable to eat, let alone drink even water, and hardly able to walk or take care of myself, Rav Brody gave me the ultimate gift of hope. Amazingly, never once did he ask me for a cent – not once. It was with a full heart and his complete purity of soul that Rav Brody took my health struggles upon himself. I could see that he wanted to help me with every ounce of his being. Then and there, Rabbi Brody etched out a spiritual and health plan I was to follow daily, including reporting back to him via email on a weekly basis. This weekly connection would prove vital during the Covid pandemic when no one was traveling, no one was going to doctors nor the grocery store. He also secured my local rabbi to be his eyes and ears in Texas, and Hashem would take it from there. 

That was almost over a year and a half ago, and to this very day, I maintain quite the special connection with Rabbi Brody. He continues to guide me spiritually and health-wise weekly, and still yet, knowing that I had not been able to work in over eight years due to my health, he has ever asked me to pay him for his time and precious guidance. It is with his kind and very gentle ways that Rav Brody has led me out of the severe state I was in, to a place where I am now thriving in every sense. I not only recently reinstated my license as a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, but my health has never been better. 

With Hashem’s help, Rabbi Brody gave me my life back. Through him, I found my health and a deep sense of spirituality. I can now think, walk, talk, read, learn, daven and most importantly, live again. I have Rabbi Brody, his beautiful blessings that night and his continual guidance to thank for my miraculous recovery. A recovery that took place in just over a year, one that was 20 years in the making. I have never known another soul so generous, caring, kind and as gracious as that of Rav Brody’s. It is to him and Hashem to whom I am eternally grateful.

Most respectfully, ARW


21 Adar Bet, 5779 (20.3.19)

Thank You Hashem for sending us our Miraculous Mentor, Life Coach, Nutritionist, and Spiritual Guide, Rav Lazer Brody!

About two years ago, we rushed to Doctors due to a life-threatening emergency illness which would have meant hospitalization for months on end. Someone introduced us to Rav Brody.  We Thank Hashem for the introduction to the personal guidance of Rav Brody who joined us and led us through our journey. He was our Nutritionist and personal Life Coach and guided us along in the right direction.   With Hashem’s help, he saved our lives.

Thank You Rav Brody for being such an amazing person, Nutritionist and life coach and by leading us the right way.

All the Best

Y.R.F Brooklyn


* I was stationed in Afghanistan as a US Army chaplain. It was my job to encourage the soldiers in my battalion, who were facing constant danger from Taliban snipers and roadside bombs. We had many casualties, even fatalities, and I fell into such a deep depression that I even contemplated taking my own life. I took a long shot and wrote Rabbi Lazer a letter. He answered me! His care, encouragement and superb advice in dealing with the ultra-high stress saved me life and gave me a new strength of will to go on and do my job and help others. What’s more, he never asked me for a cent. He not only saved my life, but indirectly saved the lives of many soldiers under my care whom I was able to encourage, thanks to Rabbi Lazer. ~ Major JG, US Army Reserve

* My first experience with Rabbi Brody came while I was taking medication for high blood pressure, stressing every moment of my life. His approach to adversity has significantly reduced the anxiety I feel every day. He helped turn my senses into a fine metals detector — being able to discover the opportunity for happiness and self-growth in every situation. His methods have blessed my family with happiness, health, and optimism for every challenge. ~ DB, Jezreel Valley, Israel

* For eight years, my wife and I spent tens of thousands of dollars on fertility specialists, but to no avail. A mutual friend suggested that we consult Rabbi Lazer Brody, who gave us an entire plan that included diet, exercise and spiritual strengthening. Our beautiful son attests to his success. ~BG, Miami

* Divorce proceedings were well on the way, both in the civil court and in the Bet Din. There was no way I wanted to stay married after I went through what I did. My husband and I “happened” to meet Rabbi Brody on one of his trips to the USA. Four years have passed, the divorce papers are ripped up and we’re still married. Every time I look at my family together around the Shabbat table, my heart fills with gratitude to Rabbi Brody. ~ RP, New Jersey

* I had no idea what to do in life. I earned a degree in Finance but had no idea what direction to take. Rabbi Brody gave me an idea that I never thought of. I pursued it and am not only happy in what I do, but am enjoying financial success as well. ~AP, Toronto

* Our son’s school informed us that he had severe ADHD and would have to go on meds if we wanted to keep him in the school. We tried a different route and contacted Rabbi Brody. He changed our son’s diet and rearranged our priorities as parents, giving us a plan of activities to do with our son as well as great suggestions for extra-curricular activities. Less than a year has passed and he’s grades and conduct are fantastic, all with no meds! The teachers are delighted and so are we. ~ JK, Ramat Bet Shemesh

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