The Lazer Beams Mission Statement

July 26, 2021 by Lazer Brody

What are Lazer Beams? First of all, they’re a play-on words of my first name. The word “laser”, the scientific spelling of the laser beam, is an acronym of “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation,” in other words, intense, highly directed and focused amplified physical light. “Lazer” with a Z is our method of spiritual light amplification, where we amplify the soul’s radiance by way of emuna, connecting it to its Creator in complete faith. Spiritually speaking, emotions come from the soul and the soul is a tiny spiritual microchip of Divine illumination in the brain. This is what many know as the life force. A deficiency of Divine light in the soul wreaks havoc on a person, manifesting itself in a variety of negative emotions and even physical ailments, all causing a deterioration of overall wellness.

Lazer Beams uses the cogent amplified spiritual light of emuna to help people overcome an entire spectrum of challenges from small worries to anxiety and PTSD. You won’t find flowery parlor-room spirituality here nor empty platitudes that don’t hold up under life’s real stress tests. You’ll find advice that has been field-tested in the toughest adversity of both battlefields and bomb shelters. The same advice that has helped so many people maintain self-composure in the strife-ridden south of Israel is now at your immediate disposal. To paraphrase the tire company, our spiritual guidance and life coaching is where the rubber meets the road. For too many people, too many days of their lives are storm clouds. Yet, with the help of emuna, we lift ourselves above the turbulence just like an aircraft that flies above the dark grey rumbling mist up into the clear blue sky.

I believe that health of body and soul is a basic human right, not something reserved for a privileged few.

This website is open to all mankind – we welcome everyone. What’s more, all the resources here are free. We believe that healthy, happy bodies and souls make this world a better place. Why should a person suffer because he or she can’t afford a healer, when the Almighty – Healer or healers – is right there to help? One therefore needs spiritual and wellness guidance from a coach that knows how to help people develop their own personal connection with the Divine Master Healer. That’s why is the web address for body-soul wellness, no matter who you are.

We’re delighted to receive donations to help us on our mission but we don’t ask anyone for a cent. Our wonderful donors, many of whom have personally benefited from our books, blog and podcasts, believe in the good of spreading the “Lazer Beams” light of emuna for ultimate health and wellness, helping so many people who couldn’t find help elsewhere. We do sell our books, but for a minimum price on Amazon, or as low-cost Kindle ebooks to make them readily affordable for everyone. Our weekly Zoom lectures are also free; we only require that a participants sign up for their free subscription to our newsletter, since we only publicize the Zoom links on the newsletter and not on social media.

If you want to trade turbulence for tranquility and illness of the spirit for wellness of the soul, you’ve come to the right place and we’re happy to see you!

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