The Seven Lights of the Spirit

December 2, 2021 by Lazer Brody

How do I know if I’m spiritually aware? This is a question that every truth-seeker asks, both at the outset of his spiritual journey and for the rest of his days. Spiritual hunger is literally insatiable, for King Solomon once said (Ecclesiastes 6:7), “The soul is never satiated”. The more a person gains spiritual awareness, the more spirituality he or she desires. Since spirituality knows no confines, there are infinite levels of spiritual awareness. The following seven parameters  – what I call the Seven Lights of the Spirit – are a good diagnostic test of a person’s spiritual status. Here is a brief outline of the seven lights, explained in detail in our video lesson below:

Parameter One: Peace, both internal and external, the opposite of anger – Chessed

Peace is directly related to spiritual awareness, since arguments, anger, and cruelty stem from a lack of spiritual awareness. The more we gain spiritual awareness, the more sympathy, compassion, and peace prevail in our lives.

Parameter Two: Courage and inner security – Gevura

Courage doesn’t mean confronting an enemy tank battalion single-handed; it means steadfastly doing what’s right with no trepidation, even at the expense of constant ridicule from others. Courage also means going with the truth wherever it takes you.

Parameter Three: Happiness – Tiferet

Just as the divine soul is within a person, true happiness is also within a person, and is independent of outside factors. The more a person nurtures his relationship with The Almighty, the closer he comes to true happiness.

Parameter Four: Soul priority – Netzach

The more a person has spiritual awareness, the more his soul takes priority over his body. Conversely, those who favor their bodily appetites over their spiritual needs are totally tied to the material world and therefore devoid of spiritual awareness, blocking out true inner peace and happiness.

Parameter Five: Improved physical and mental health – Hod

Thousands of years ago, our sages taught that spiritual awareness heals. Today, any heart specialist will tell you that emotional stress, worry, and especially anger take their toll on the heart. Via spiritual awareness, we alleviate these negative emotions, and consequently strengthen the heart, brain and entire body.

Parameter Six: Giving – receiving priorities – Yesod

When both partners in a relationship ask, “What can I contribute to the relationship”, they both become givers. Holiness prevails in such a relationship, assuring lasting success. When both sides have expectations of receiving from the other side, the relationship is a disaster, devoid of holiness, doomed to chaos and strife. True peace goes together with holiness.

Parameter Seven: Realizing that I know nothing – Malchut

Moses was more modest that any human who ever walked the face of the earth. Yet, Moses attained a higher spiritual level than any mortal ever. How? He realized that the mortal is nil compared to the Divine intellect, which is beyond our grasp.

Let’s now learn in detail:

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