Thorns and Sweet Berries

August 19, 2021 by Lazer Brody

Today, we begin to learn the three levels of making peace: peace with the Creator, peace with one’s fellow human and peace with oneself. One cannot hope of attaining any semblance of inner peace without making peace on all these three levels.

People are surprised: “Peace with the Creator? That sounds weird!” Not at all; if folks would be honest with themselves, they’d see that they harbor all kinds of complaints against the Almighty. “Why did He make me sick?” “Why doesn’t He give me enough money?” “Why did He give me such an abusive spouse/boss/neighbor/etc.?” The list is long.

We learn today that in this world, the sweetness and the sting go together, why this is so, and how it’s all for the very best.

2 comments on “Thorns and Sweet Berries”

  • Andrea Bradley says:

    This was great thank you!
    My question is do you have any advice on how or if it’s possible to help someone you love and watch suffering continuously but they have no faith and no interest in hearing that their back pain etc is there to help them! Their life seems to have no joy but they can’t seem to even grasp the concept of the soul and God.
    Thank you

    • Lazer Brody says:

      Great question, Andrea! One of the big reasons of their suffering is not so much the back pain in itself but the fact that they think they’re only a body, so any physical pain or problem makes them feel closer to doomsday, as we stressed in the lesson. I usually ask such intransigent people how much their doctors and meds have relieved their pain. They usually answer that their pain is still there, so obviously the docs and the meds haven’t helped, by their own admission. Then, I ask them to try something else that’s win-win with no loss, and I let them read “Old Isaac’s Trail to Tranquility” or “3 Words of Emuna”. If they still refuse, and prefer pain to tweaking their ideology, we can’t help them, only pray for them. Every blessing, LB

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