Toxic Tongues

August 18, 2022 by Lazer Brody

Today’s Emuna Hour lesson introduces us to the six main types of verbal abusers: the common fools, the scoffers, the highbrows, the archivists, the investigators and the detractors. We learn to recognize them and how to guard ourselves from them.

One comment on “Toxic Tongues”

  • Charles says:

    Shalom Rav, Todah raba! This has come when I needed to hear it. This video has uplifted my spirit, as have the videos of yours that I’ve watched. I’ve been going through something that is constantly (almost daily) thrown in my face for the past 20+ years, I continue to go through it, and it will occur until Hashem sees fit to take me from this world. If you come through this way when you come to the U.S. on your next visit, I’d love to try to come to see you.

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